1. Before doing anything, we should ask ourselves: how does this action(or inaction) lead to us achieving our goals (conquering the world). If there is no clear path to our global goals (conquering the world) that involves this action as a step, we shouldn't do this action.
  2. We should clearly understand what exactly we intend to gain by doing an action (how much closer to conquering the world will we be if we succeed?).
  3. We should clearly see the risks and possible drawbacks, including chance of casualties, wounds, healing time in case somebody is wounded, loss of might if a teammate is killed, setbacks in our plans for world domination, etc.
  4. We should carefully compare risks vs. rewards for an action.
  5. We should repeat steps 1-4 for all available actions and choose an action that has the best risk/reward ratio.
  6. We should redo steps 1-5 every time we gain new information that may cause us to reevaluate risk vs. reward (e. g. we discovered our opponent is a jounin; we found lucrative ice business opportunity that might get ruined if we continue with current course of action).
  7. YOLO is not a valid substitute for a risk/reward calculation.
  8. "Think of all the XP we will gain!" is also not a valid substitute for a risk/reward calculation.
  9. Nor is "We are ninjas, ninjas do missions, this is a mission, let's do it!"
  10. Seriously. Calculate risk/reward for options, choose best option. Redo when faced with new information and/or new options.