Storage Seal with the stress limiters disabled. Takes the object stored and releases the object's pulped remains. Macerator v1 seal can generate forces up to 30 MPa, particle sizes of whatever you want down to 100 micrometers (sawdust), and velocities of up to 10m/s (~22mph).[1]

See Jello_Raptor's original post for examples of what various sizes, velocities, etc would mean in practice.

Macerator v2 allows exertion of force up to 50 MPa, can generate particles as small as 50 micrometers, and can eject them at a speed of up to 20m/s (~45 mph).[2]

Use CasesEdit

  • Fuel Air Explosive (Payload: Wood, Coal, Other Flammables)
  • Mist (Payload: Water)
  • Pepper Spray (Payload: Strong Chillis, Pepper, Other Irritants)
  • Poison Mist (Payload: Water + Poison)
  • Flashbang (Payload: White Hot Iron, White Hot Magnesium)
  • Confetti (Payload: Colored Paper)
  • Mashed Potato (Payload: Steamed Potato + Butter + Spices)
  • Scent Bomb (Payload: Scented Oils)
  • Shrapnel Bomb (Payload: Stones)
  • Woodchips (Payload: Wood)
  • Composting (Payload: Organic Refuse)
  • Smoke Bomb (Payload: Talc, Ash, basically anything opaque, not-dense, and non-flammable)
  • I Hate You Bomb (Payload: Glass)
  • Asbestos Bomb (Payload: Molten Glass, Molten Silicates)
  • I Hate You and Your Unborn Children Bomb (Payload: Radioactives)
    • Do we even know what radioactivity is?
  • Glue Bomb (Payload: Glue, Nobby's Sticky Syrup, Other Sticky Liquids)
    • This would be super annoying to everyone involved. They probably wouldn't be all that hurt by it, but imagine being covered in superglue in the middle of combat. You basically have to rip your skin apart to move since the glue will make it stick to everything.
  • Feather Bomb (Payload: Feathers)
    • We could use this for dynamic entrances or something?
  • Nut Butter (Payload: Peanuts, Almonds, etc..)

References Edit

  1. Velorien's answers to player questions, 9/3/16
  2. update Alternative Perspectives Part 2, 29/1/16

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