• You can henge into anything you want.
  • You need higher levels to change mass -- same levels of mass scaling as kawarimi (5% per level in the technique, capped at 99.8%)
  • When in object form you cannot do self-directed movement. i.e., you can't turn into a kunai and throw yourself.
  • You have the senses of your new form, or hearing + touch if it has no sense organs
  • At levels 1-19 you are limited to min(your sense, the sense of your henged form). You can become a blind kunai and throw yourself.
  • The new form is as tough as the henge. A steel cannonball is as strong as your henge, not as strong as steel.
  • Material leaving your body dissolves into chakra. This includes venom, blood, etc.
  • Henging to or from a form when you're in a space where there isn't enough room will kill you.
  • Henging into a non-solid (liquid, gas, etc) will kill you.
  • You need a human chakra system to do techniques. Objects can't do techniques.

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