Create a contiguous zone up to (Level2)m2 within (5*Level) meters of the user. The zone is 1m thick at each point, although you can fold it back on itself if you want extra depth. No dimension of the Wall can be less than 1m.

Weapon attacks or Tactical Movement rolls which pass through the zone lose a number of dice equal to (3 - degree of success vs Wind Wall) technique. (Weapons gets class C “total domination” success against Wind Wall: 0 malus. Other way around: 6 malus)

Wind Wall adds min(3, floor(Level/4)) dice to allied Weapons and TacMov rolls that pass through it.

At GM discretion, Wind Wall gets 0-3 bonus dice from local wind conditions, depending on strength of the wind conditions.

Requirements: (2)*Wits, (2)*Control, (3)*Resolve